About Me

Hello! I’m a 13-year-old girl from England (14 soon!) who wants to write a blog on my travels, although I’m pretty sure you would have already figured that out! I have a passion for writing and love the idea of channelling my words onto a piece of paper.

But this way, there aren’t many people who can read it; apart from you, maybe your parents, or that friend you may decide to show it to after having a conversation that is relatively related to writing and remembering you wrote about something a few distant weeks ago.

I wanted to do something bigger. Something that would be – at least – scratching a little tiny mark on the internet where I could have my own personal space to write, but mainly, I wanted a place where all could read my adventures.

So I thought: “Hey, why don’t I write a blog?” The part of my brain that wants to write went “YES YES YES!” and so I set this blog up with the idea of writing about where I travel with my crazy head of curly hair, and also the idea that I could put photos from where I go on there too, with a slight creative-writing-type element to the blog, but mainly, it’s a document; a scrapbook of my adventures.

I hope you will enjoy this blog!

Isabella x